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Discover a sustainable, healthy, and motivated new lifestyle. Whether you're looking to shed some unwanted pounds, find a new routine with working out, hold yourself accountable for your goals, or just looking to have some more energy and feel better in your day to day, you've come to the right place!

My name is Stavros Koumbaros. I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach. After years of dieting, workout programs, and sifting through crazy online products, health and fitness have become big pillars in my life. With a thorough knowledge and understanding of workouts, form, trainings and nutrition, I hope to give you the knowledge and tools to not only achieve your goals, but to help you build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to continue on with! 

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When you sign up for Body By Stav, its not about a quick fix. I'm not here to sell you a magic pill or take away the foods you love. The goal is to create a positive lifestyle that works for YOU. It's true when they say the same program doesn't work for everyone, so we'll work together to find what works best for you. I hope to help you break down any anxieties or worries associated with working out, going to the gym, or eating right and help you feel good about navigating food choices, walking into the gym, and finding the positives that come from reprioritizing healthy habits!

Workout Plans

Body By Stav is broken down into payments based on your workout schedule. When working with me, we will create a client profile for you track progress such as weight, measurements, and photos, as well as communicate with me directly. The client program is a flat fee of $25 a month. For online training, payments are broken down by how often you're looking to workout:

  • ​2 Workouts per week - $35 a month

  • 3 Workouts per week - $40 a month

  • 4 Workouts per week - $45 a month

  • 5 Workouts per week - $50 a month

  • 6 Workouts per week - $55 a month

If you're interested in In-Person sessions, you can choose between a 30 minute session for $25, or 60 minute sessions for $40. These sessions are available over FaceTime, or in-person if you're a resident of the lower Connecticut area. In-person sessions will be paid for at the time of scheduling. Clients will be refunded if a cancellation occurs more than 12 hours before their session, and get a one time grace cancellation for any cancellations happening less than 12 hours before their session. Other pricing details include:

  • For the trainer to come to your home, session prices are an additional $10

  • Book 2+ training sessions at once? Receive $10 off! 

  • Working out with a friend? Each client gets $5 off their session (A two person session for 60 minutes would cost each client $35 each instead of $40)

Finally, if you're referred by an existing client, you'll both receive $10 off one monthly renewal. 

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Nutrition Plans

With Body By Stav, you'll automatically receive Calorie and Protein recommendations. Through your client profile, you can connect to MyFitnessPal to track your food, allowing you to learn more about the nutritional values of the food you eat, and helping me see your daily eating habits to help make adjustments to better direct you towards your goal. The most important thing is finding balance! No food should be off limits in your life, but finding the balance between an occasional treat and eating well to achieve your goals is our aim!

If you're looking for a customized meal plan, Body By Stav is able to offer clients a customized plan based on your calories, macronutrients, dietary restrictions, and food preferences:

  • 1 Week Custom Meal Plan - $25

  • 1 Month Custom Meal Plan - $75


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"Working with Stavros has changed my habits for the better. He’s helped guide me and realize that working out and eating healthy isn’t a chore, and can easily be incorporated into my lifestyle. I’ve lost 12lbs, but I’ve also gained muscle, making me feel better both physically and mentally! He’s encouraging and flexible, making weight loss and a healthy lifestyle feel like an achievable goal." - Kate

Contact Me

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Whether you're interested in getting started, or have more questions you'd like to ask, contact me below, or send a message on instagram to @BodyByStav.


Ready to Dive into Training? Click the button below to purchase your program, sessions, meal plan, or classes now! 

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